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Heartland Community Church is a group of people, committed to living authentic lives, doing our best to follow Christ's example of loving God and loving others. So welcome! Please check us out, contact us, or visit us one Sunday. There's room for you here.

church leaders:
Travis Plett
Craig Sawatzky

Young Life Pastor

Chair for Leadership Team

core values:

ACCEPTANCE. We value and welcome each person with love and acceptance, knowing God’s grace extends to all people. We will provide a safe place to belong without judgment, where brokenness is shared.​

INDIVIDUALITY. We value the giftedness of each person, encouraging freedom of expression, creativity and volunteering. We will help each other to discover and develop our gifts. We will honor and celebrate each others gifts.

PRAYER. We value prayer as integral dialogue with a faithful God. Through praise and confession, through petition and listening, we value both private and corporate prayer. We are confident in a loving God who hears and answers our requests in his way, in his time.

HUMILITY. We value servant leadership in every aspect of church life. We value a community of leaders that is relational, intuitive, transparent and teachable. Leadership will be faithful and accountable to God and community.

COMMUNITY. We value our local community. We will build relationships and make connections with our neighbors both locally and globally. We will be concerned for people’s well being – spiritually, socially and physically with an emphasis on a life style of peacemaking and creation care.

WORSHIP. We value worship as a deeply personal and authentic expression of our love and thankfulness to God. Open and diverse in style, worship is an integral part of our lives. It is worthy of our best efforts and adds power and blessing when expressed collectively. Worship is a natural outlet for a life guided by the Spirit.

SCRIPTURE. We value the Bible as the living Word of God. We believe in its relevance and timely application in our daily lives. We believe that God continues to reveal Himself through the mystery of His Word. While we encourage individual study, we discover its meaning collectively. 


Heartland is affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference. Read more about the EMC here.


A login name and password are required to view our Member Resources page. Here is where you can always find our church community's contact directory, leadership meeting minutes, prayer bulletin, and congregational minutes.


If you consider Heartland Community Church to be your home church community, please sign up to request access to these resources.

Core Values
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