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Heartland Community Church is a group of people, committed to living authentic lives, doing our best to follow Christ's example of loving God and loving others. So welcome to our Christmas Auction! This is a NEW type of online fundraising initiative for us to help support local and connect people with local makers and sellers - AND a portion of the selling price is donated to local and global not-for-profit initiatives selected by Heartland. 

Meet Our Missions

A bit about ICYA, House of Hesed, BOA. TEST TEST TEST

How This Works

This year, when going to in-person craft sales might be limited, we still want to support local as much as we can. The prices below reflect the price set by the seller PLUS an additional donation. All funds processed here will go from Heartland to the seller to cover their set price and then any additional funds collected will be donated. So check out the products below and remember the prices help support local businesses as well as our Missions (see above).

Pick Up Event

After you've purchased your product, COME to the Pick Up Event on XXXXXXX. This walk-through event will be set up for you to pick up your selections in a linear fashion - with a few perks! Purchase cinnamon buns and baking on-site, view Silent Auction packages with virtual bidding, and let us give you a hot chocolate and Christmas well wishes!

Orange Cushion $20

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